Framework for Success

The Children’s Council of Skagit County is in a process of aligning our work with the Early Learning Coordination Plan for Washington State.  The ELCP is organized into five outcome areas:

  1. Powerful Communities and Responsive Early Learning Systems

  2. Strong, Stable, Nurturing, Safe, and Supported Families

  3. Positive Early Learning Experiences

  4. A Strong and Supported Early Learning Workforce

  5. Healthy Children & Families

To learn more about the statewide plan, visit  To learn more about how Skagit is aligning with this plan, join us at our monthly meetings.  We anticipate our local plan will be finalized by early 2024. 

Click the image below to access a copy of the plan in English, Spanish, and Somali.


Before the New Washington State Early Learning Coordination Plan, the Children’s Council organized by the Washington State Early Learning Plan (ELP) Ready & Successful Framework.  This plan was put in place in 2010.  Below is the Children’s Council alignment with that plan.


Ready and successful children are healthy and socially, emotionally, and cognitively prepared for success in school and life.


  • Form partnerships with organization and agency that increase school readiness and/or promote optimal health
  • Participate and Support Northwest Early Learning WaKIDS work and mutual training
  • Promote Universal Developmental Screenings
  • Formalize the Prenatal to Three provider group connection with the Children’s Council
  • Partner with United Way on their signature issue of early learning and kindergarten readiness


Ready and successful parents, families, and caregivers have the information and resources needed to be their children’s first and most important teachers.


  • Support parents as their children’s first and most important teachers by:
    • Implementing the Incredible Years Program
    • Distributing United Way’s School Readiness Calendar
    • Coordinating Parenting Education
    • Expand play & learn groups
  • Serve as the advisory board for Parent to Parent
  • Conduct a Skagit County Parent Survey
  • Support the Fire Engine Program
  • Collaborate with Basic Food Outreach Educator


Ready and successful professionals are prepared, knowledgeable, and responsive to children’s different learning styles, capabilities, and developmental goals so that they ensure a high-quality learning experience for children.


  • Create and follow a focused annual educational goal
  • Provide educational opportunities to early learning professionals through:
    • Connections Conference
    • Monthly Children’s Council meeting network and sharing
    • Featured “Spotlight On…” educational topics as monthly meetings
    • Spotlight Film Festival
    • Connecting STARS credit with existing and new educational opportunities
  • Strengthen the collaboration between child care, preschool and elementary education professionals and systems through:
    • Northwest Early Learning (NWEL) participation
    • State of Children & Families report distribution and education
    • Dinner & Dialogues
    • Outreach to licensed and unlicensed child care providers
  • Support the Skagit County Autism Partnership (SCAP)


Ready and successful schools are prepared to support the learning and development of every child in their community.


  • Strengthen the collaboration between child care, preschool and elementary education professionals and systems through:
    • Connections Conference
    • Promote Transition Reports to increase the use
    • TS Gold and WaKIDS education
    • Collaborations with district early learning contacts
  • Increase education on childhood trauma and the impacts

Communities and Systems

Ready and successful systems and communities have the resources and information need to support expansion and excellence of programs and services for children, families, and schools, including: governance, financing, accountability, planning, and communication.


  • Maintain the infrastructure of the Children’s Council of Skagit County
  • Serve as the Interagency Coordinating Council Advisory Board
  • Host an Early Learning Data Carousel
  • Update and maintain the Children’s Council Website
  • Increase awareness of the importance of early childhood and learning by:
    • Promoting and Attending Early Learning Brunch
    • Co-Organizing the Spotlight Film Festival
    • Establishing connections with the business community
    • Connecting to the Population Health Trust
  • Increase communication about early childhood and learning supports with families, caregivers, and other stakeholders.
    • Coordinate parent outreach
    • Collaborate on information/referral line