10 Ways to Support Kindergarten Readiness

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For Parents

  1. You are your child’s favorite playmate! Children aged 0-2 should have no screen time; 2-5 should have 1 hour or less per day; children aged 5 and older should have 2 hours or less per day. 
  2. Read to and talk with your child: from pregnancy to elementary school! Use the time to practice colors, numbers, and letters too. 
  3. Learn about child developmental stages and milestones from your pediatrician. 
  4. Establish routines, rituals, and rules with your child to create stability and help prepare them for the classroom. 
  5. Offer your child a variety of fresh fruits and veggies.
  6. Use positive parenting approaches! Focus on and encourage “do’s” instead of reprimanding “don’t’s.”
  7. Encourage independence and responsibility. Give children little jobs around the house that they can do on their own.
  8. Praise hard work, determination, and problem solving. Your child will learn to value effort while feeling more competent.
  9. Join a local Play & Learn group. Look for more information at your local library. 
  10. Take care of yourself to be at your best! Seek out supportive classes and groups with other parents that will help you feel understood and informed. 

Relatives & Caring Adults

  1. Engage in pretend play with children. Studies show pretend play supports language and social emotional development while allowing children to explore and create!
  2. Read to and with children! Explore your local library and let them choose books on their own. 
  3. Talk with and listen to children more. Tune in, ask questions, and take turns!
  4. Discover the outdoors to strengthen muscles, coordination, and curiosity. Talk a walk outside!
  5. Offer children fresh fruits and veggies! Make trying food fun – create pasta necklaces, try meals in muffin tins, accept help in the kitchen – get creative!
  6. Encourage independence responsibility. Give children opportunities to succeed at something new!
  7. Praise hard work, determination, and problem solving. Children will learn to value effort while feeling more competent.
  8. Focus on and encourage “do’s” instead of reprimanding “don’ts”.
  9. Inspire children to be lifelong learners! Follow their interests, explore their curiosity, and help them see the world through inquisitive eyes.
  10. Encourage those in your circles to support early childhood education by sharing your experiences!

Business & Community

  1. Consider implementing family friendly policies that will increase retention and satisfaction!
  2. Offer flexible hours to employees to avoid partial or full absence related to childcare. Parents will feel supported by a flexible schedule.
  3. Create policies that support parents. Speak with your employees to discern how you can better support them.
  4. If you want employees who are creative – yet follow direction; determined – yet flexible’ and who are able to get along with others in even stressful environments – you want to promote early childhood developmental skills in your community.
  5. Invest in local Early Learning programs to help create a quality workforce for tomorrow.
  6. Make financial investments to support the Early Learning work in your community. Studies have shown the return on investment in Early Childhood Education is four to nine dollars per dollar invested.
  7. Talk with your legislators about initiatives that support Early Learning. Advocate for empirically supported methods and programs.
  8. Support initiatives that help create stable and prosperous families. Children need quality healthcare, safe homes and communities, and nurturing environments. Parents and caregivers need your support to best support their families.
  9. Learn from the Children’s Council of Skagit County what current local initiatives and programs in Early Learning would benefit from your business’s support. Get involved with our community’s Early Childhood Education advocacy groups.
  10. Research and educate yourself and your employees on the benefits of businesses and organizations investing in Early Childhood Education. The information available is vast and the positive impact is endless! Become a member of ReadyNation.org (at no cost!).

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