Meditaciones Guiadas ¡EN ESPAÑOL!

Health Journeys, en la voz de Caroline E. Ortiz, MSN, MPH, RN, NC-BC, enfermera registrada, les presenta con gran entusiasmo su nuevo proyecto de meditaciones guiadas ¡EN ESPAÑOL! 

Esta nueva serie de audios les ofrece meditaciones hechas específicamente para personas que quieren vivir con mejor estado de animo o que experimentan problemas de salud. Estas meditaciones son una poderosa herramienta para aliviar la angustia y el dolor, y así ayudarles a descansar emocionalmente cada día. 

Así de que siente el poder de tu mente y el alivio que es posible tan solo con dejarte ir escuchando estas meditaciones guiadas. ¡Mereces estar bien… comienza ahora!  

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United Way of Skagit County Grant Opportunity

United Way of Skagit County is pleased to announce the July 1st opening of our grant application process.  Grants are available to agencies with programs that serve Skagit children from birth to age 5 AND/OR the children’s parents & caregivers.  Eligible agencies must meet the requirements listed at the beginning of the application.

Applications are available using an online grant platform at United Way of Skagit County Applications.

Completed applications must be submitted by Noon on July 22rd.  After July 1st, please forward questions to

New Resources To Keep Children Safe In And Around Cares During COVID-19

Safe Kids Worldwide and JPMA Announce New Resources

for Parents to Keep Children Safe in Cars During COVID-19

Even as families try to stay home as much as possible during the corona virus pandemic, there are times when a trip in the car with the kids is essential. To support parents and caregivers during COVID-19, Safe Kids Worldwide has teamed up with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association to provide parents and caregivers with a suite of online and virtual resources to properly use and install car seats and to keep kids safe in and around cars. 
Ultimate Car Seat Guide – This interactive tool provides expert guidance to parents on everything from how to fit a child into a car seat to how to know when it is time to move to a new type of seat.

Live Assistance from Manufacturer Product Specialists – While Child Passenger Safety (CPS) technician programs and inspections are less available now, manufacturers are “essential” and continue to help parents use their car seats correctly. This compilation lists customer service phone numbers, websites, hours and video assistance opportunities.

Phone Call with Your Local Safe Kids Coalition – Many local Safe Kids coalitions have certified child passenger safety technicians who are available to answer your specific questions over the phone.
Find a coalition near you.

Car Seat Cleaning Tips for COVID-19 – During a time when we are all focused on keeping things sanitary, families can access the latest information from their car seat manual or by contacting their car seat manufacturer.

Interactive Map of State Law Requirements – Car seats, booster seats and seat belts are required in all states and territories, and laws specify how children must be protected by properly used car seats, booster seats or seat belts.

Heatstroke Prevention Tips – In the past two years, more than 100 children died of heatstroke because they were alone or became trapped in a hot car. During COVID-19, be especially careful to avoid this type of tragedy by reviewing these tips.

See the full press release about new resources for parents to keep kids safe in cars during COVID-19.