SELF-Leadership: A six-week online course

SELF-Leadership: A six-week online course   The Inner State of the Caregivers and Adults make all the difference.  Join this 6-week learning journey to take care of YOU!  Develop your own personal daily practice for self-care and grow your emotional intelligence.  Meet online with the community of practice, weekly, to share what you are learning and understand more about the Neurobiology ofYOU.  Bring home the teachings of Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACEs and Resilience through weekly lessons, guided daily mindfulness practices, and hourly awareness minutes. 

Weeks 1-3: Exercising our Stress Responses Less
Week 1: Training the Observer
Week 2: Accepting that I feel that way
Week 3: Activating the relaxation response  
Week 4-6: Exercising our Resilience and Whole Brain Intelligence More
Week 4 : Practicing the pivot from fear to love, from react to respond
Week 5: Expanding my Resilience and sense of Self
Week 6: Focusing my attention and thoughts on what I want to create 

Dates: Tuesdays October 22 to November 26.
Time: 5:00-6:15 PM PST
Cost: $100
Instructor and Facilitator: Teresa Posakony For more information and to register:

Webinar – Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Addressing Models of Care that Support Mother and Baby

NAS: Addressing Models of Care that Support Mother and Baby

Presented by:

  • Jessamyn Ressler-Maerlender, MPH, CPXP

Contact hours:

1.5 contact hours are available for this activity through January 15, 2022.


This session focuses on strategies for supporting mothers, babies, and families affected by neonatal abstinence syndrome and opioid use. Using case studies and discussion, participants will be able to identify improved models of care and their impact on patient experience, trauma-informed care, and transition to home.


  1. Explore new models of care for infants suffering from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
  2. Compare and contrast these new approaches with the traditional care provided to these infants
  3. Identify specific strategies for supporting the opioid exposed mother and baby during the hospital experience and beyond
  4. Repudiate common myths with facts about opioid addiction and recovery
  5. Discuss incorporating new approaches into your own practice, unit and institution

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