AAP: A Pediatrician’s Guide to an LGBTQ+ Friendly Practice

Pediatricians serve children and families by providing indispensable anticipatory guidance about so many aspects of healthy growth and development. As the number increases, of youth and families who count themselves among the growing community of gender and sexually diverse individuals, pediatricians are poised to offer education, resources, and support for families. The following represent some of the many ideas pediatricians can implement to improve the care of their LGBTQ+ patients/families, with the acknowledgement that not all pediatricians may be able to implement all of these recommendations.

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Child Passenger Safety Awareness Class

Date: August 19th 9-12pm

Location: TBA

Description: Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death and injury for children. In most cases, errors are made when caregivers install child restraints. In the three-hour child passenger safety awareness class, attendees will learn how to properly secure a child in a child restraint and secure the restraint in the vehicle. The class is a mixture of lecture and hands-on practice. Please note: After attending the class, participants will not be qualified to “check” car seats. 

Register: Contact Jen Lindbeck. jen@unitedwayskagit.org

Perinatal Mental Health Resource

Website: https://www.smallmomentsbigimpact.com/

Free app: If you own an iPhone, you can download the “Small Moments, Big Impact” app by searching the name in the App Store or by clicking here!

Having a baby comes with many questions and emotions. This website shares the content of a free app that was created by health care providers, public media producers, and mothers. It is designed to be used during your baby’s first six months, but it’s not for information about common health questions. Instead, it focuses on your relationship with your baby and feelings of love, stress, fatigue, frustration, and hope — all of which are part of being a parent. We encourage you to share these feelings with people who are important to you. This will enrich you and your baby’s special love circle.

As you use the app each week, you’ll find ways to connect with your baby and yourself. You will hear stories from other mothers, see them interacting with their babies, do some self-reflection, express your thoughts and feelings, and make movies with your baby to have memories forever. Through this journey, you’ll see that even small moments with your baby can have a big impact.

The Small Moments, Big Impact initiative is led by Barry Zuckerman, M.D. and Jillian Orr Daglilar, Ed.M.

Safe Kids Academy

Safe Kids Washington has partnered with the Traumatic Brain Injury Council and the University of Oregon to bring a series of virtual safety education learning events for kids of all ages. These virtual events are engaging and fast moving with safety information, activities and entertainment, and prizes! We have sessions for all ages and parts for the parents in each session as well and it is free. 

You can register for each individual session by clicking on the age and session date you want to sign up for in the attached flyer or use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code to be taken to the general registration page where you will find the Safe Kids Virtual Academy sessions as well as other free virtual conferences for TBI. You can also follow this link to the registration page: https://tbieventsportal.org 

Flyer: Safe Kids Virtual Academy Series Flyer_5.6.2021.pdf

Look, Listen and Learn: Bridging the achievement gap in Washington

Look, Listen and Learn (LL+L) produces children’s television to bridge the achievement gap in Washington so that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) kids enter school ready to learn and able to succeed. Featuring local children and teachers at learning venues across King County, LL+L applies brain development knowledge to foster learning and enhance caregiver relationships. Learn more HERE

Cuddle Bright Session

Welcome Baby is hosting a CuddleBright session on August 12 from 6-7pm. The session will be on zoom. There are a couple options for parets to receive their kit after they attend the session:

  1. We can deliver the kits to you and you can distribute to your families that attend – we are doing this with the YMCA. When families register during the session we can have a question regarding which agency referred them.
  2. Families can pick up their kits during Diaper Bank open hours – Monday or Thursday 10-12pm (parents will not be able to request diapers – they will need to work through a partner agency).
  3. Welcome Baby volunteer will deliver to Skagit County addresses.

The True Cost of High-Quality Child Care Across the United States

The high price of child care has long been a burden for most families, rivaling the cost of college in many states and forcing households to make difficult decisions and trade-offs. However, this high price often fails to account for the actual costs that child care providers incur and the cost to provide high-quality, developmentally appropriate, safe, and reliable child care staffed by a professionally compensated workforce. Learn more HERE

Medicaid and Me: Supporting Trauma-Informed and Healing-Centered Care for Medicaid Eligible Families

The purpose of this meeting is to begin a conversation about multi-system collaboration to support families that are Medicaid and Medicaid eligible. Participants will brainstorm how to provide trauma-informed and healing-centered mental and behavioral health services to parents and children with support from Medicaid. This meeting will include community providers who are Strengthen Families Locally partners, DCYF and Health Care Authority staff, and Managed Care Organization representatives. To support those with lived experiences in these systems, $50 gift cards are available to attendees who are not employed by Medicaid and Family Support system partners. More about Strengthen Families Locally: https://www.dcyf.wa.gov/services/child-development-supports/sfwa/sf-locally

Supporting Trauma-Informed and Healing-Centered Care for Medicaid Eligible Families 
July 15, 2-3:30 p.m.
Register in advance