Skagit Helps

Someone to Talk to

Talking to someone can help you, or your friend, sort out feelings during difficult times. Click the button and find a number to call, it will help.

Housing and Basic Needs

If you and/or your family’s basic need are not being met, help is available. Click the button and find out how close by help is for you.

Alcohol / Drug Use

Has your use of alcohol or drugs increased? Its not uncommon during difficult times and it can sneak up on you. Clock for help without judgement.

Depressed or Anxious

Are you feeling sad or hopeless? Maybe worried or uneasy? Its not unusual. Click the button to find helpful information for now, and the future.

Suicide / Self-Harm

If you or a friend are considering suicide or self-harm, there is help, resources, a phone to call, or a number to text. Pleas, seek help and click.

¡Recursos de Ayuda disponible en Español!