Resources on Targeted Universalism

If you can spend 5 minutes:

Targeted Universalism Explainer Video

This short animated video explains the concept of targeted universalism – and the difference between targeted universalism and more traditional police approaches.

If you can spend 15 minutes:

How to Generate Consensus for Targeted Universalism

This issue brief describes three keys to building consensus around Targeted Universalism. These insights were identified through work with a long-term community initiative in Staten Island, New York, that is dedicated to reducing disparities and improving outcomes for PK–12 students: Equity Alliance of Staten Island (EASI).

If you can spend 1 hour:

Structural Racism and COVID-19: The Political Divide & Re-Opening Society

In this recorded Berkeley Conversations event, “Structural Racism and COVID19: The Political Divide, Re-Opening the Society and Health Impacts on People of Color,” the panelists urged public health officials and academic researchers to collaborate with community members to help build trust in institutions and to build more positive health outcomes.