Resilience in Washington State: What Works and How to Make it Happen

Webinar: Resilience in Washington State: What Works and How to Make it Happen

Presented by: Dario Longhi and Dr. Suzette Fromm Reed

Hosted by: Essentials for Childhood, Washington State Department of Health; and Emerging Wisdom

Presenters Biographies

Dario Long, since 1990, has been researching what works in Social and Health programs at DSHS.  Dario has a long history of following the data in Washington and using data to help us understand what works and what helps.  As a research manager, Dario is gifted at helping communities translate the data into practical community organizing strategies. Dario was Research Director of the Family Policy Council. Now retired, since 2012, he is still doing formative evaluations and consulting with community organizations, as a partner, in Participatory Research Consulting with Marsha Brown. Dario is committed to educational equity. 

Dr. Suzette Fromm Reed serves as Associate Professor, founding director/chair of National Louis University’s (NLU) Ph.D. program in Community Psychology. Prior to NLU, she led research and evaluation for non-profit, child welfare organizations at both the national and local levels. She holds an MA in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. in Psychology in the Public Interest. Her research, recent publications and community trainings focus on the buffering role of community/organizational resilience between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and mental and physical health, as well as academic and employment outcomes.

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