Population Health Trust June Newsletter

Population Health Trust June NewsletterJune 30, 2021Summer sure hit early and with a vengeance! Hope you have all managed to stay healthy through this heat wave. The pandemic has been a challenging time for all Skagitonians, and no less so for families with children. When childcare providers, preschools, and schools needed to scale back or close their doors to in-person learning, parents with children of all ages had to take on additional care and schooling responsibilities, many times in addition to working full-time jobs. A significant number of parents also lost income due to job loss or leaving the workforce to attend to their children’s needs. The strain and burden on parents has been intense! Fortunately, the Trust’s First 1,000 Days workgroup, which focuses on improving health and wellness for families with babies and children from birth to 3 years old, has been working overtime! Instead of pausing during the pandemic, the Trust intensified its efforts to support families during such a time of crisis. Thanks to the tireless work by our partners at United General District 304, the Children’s Council, the Children’s Museum of Skagit County, Skagit Island Head Start, Skagit County Public Health, DSHS, Skagit Pediatrics, and United Way, the Trust was able to launch a host of new supports for Skagit families. 

Here are some of the things Trust partners have been working on:The *NEW* Help Me Grow Family Resource Center took up operations out of the Children’s Museum, providing assistance to over 200 families since opening in October of 2020.Ongoing recruitment for a Family Resource Navigator to staff the Help Me Grow Skagit call center. This position will provide families with a knowledgeable, bilingual person to help connect them to the resources they need.Dr. Francie Chalmers has joined the Help Me Grow team to loop physicians and other health care providers into the resources that their families need. This will ensure that referrals are provided both to—and from—the Help Me Grow Resource Center.Skagit Pediatrics is working on becoming a HealthySteps site. HealthySteps is an evidence-based model that enhances pediatric primary care for infants and toddlers by adding a Child Development Expert to the practice to ensure universal screenings are taking place. The Expert also provides interventions, referrals, and follow-up services to the whole family.Lastly, in signs that life is returning to something that resembles normal, the Welcome Baby program has been able to resume in-person visits at the Skagit Valley Hospital Family Birth Center this month! The Trust will continue to keep the needs of families at the forefront of its health improvement efforts. We expect our COVID Recovery Plan to focus attention on the needs of our families, including essential access to food, housing, behavioral health services and employment opportunities. Many great things are on the horizon for Skagit County families! To the many bright days ahead!
Thank you for your partnership in keeping Skagit County healthy! PHT Logo 
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