Perinatal Mental Health Resource


Free app: If you own an iPhone, you can download the “Small Moments, Big Impact” app by searching the name in the App Store or by clicking here!

Having a baby comes with many questions and emotions. This website shares the content of a free app that was created by health care providers, public media producers, and mothers. It is designed to be used during your baby’s first six months, but it’s not for information about common health questions. Instead, it focuses on your relationship with your baby and feelings of love, stress, fatigue, frustration, and hope — all of which are part of being a parent. We encourage you to share these feelings with people who are important to you. This will enrich you and your baby’s special love circle.

As you use the app each week, you’ll find ways to connect with your baby and yourself. You will hear stories from other mothers, see them interacting with their babies, do some self-reflection, express your thoughts and feelings, and make movies with your baby to have memories forever. Through this journey, you’ll see that even small moments with your baby can have a big impact.

The Small Moments, Big Impact initiative is led by Barry Zuckerman, M.D. and Jillian Orr Daglilar, Ed.M.