News from the Field – August 2021

Supporting Prenatal-to-Three with Federal Funds 

Federal relief funds are providing big opportunities for prenatal-to-three impact. The National Collaborative for Infants and Toddlers’ new resource showcases how states and localities can use the nearly 30 federal relief funds to support infant-, toddler-, and family-well-being. This timely resource includes strategies to expand, improve, target, and make early care and education, family support, and maternal and infant/toddler health services more accessible and responsive.

Why and How States Should Use Child Care Relief Funding to Increase Compensation for the Early Childhood Education Workforce 

Early childhood educators’ work is complex. But the crisis they face is stark, and the consequences of inaction are clear: either we increase compensation for the early childhood education workforce, or we will be left with no workforce at all. This brief from the National Association for the Education of Young Children discusses why and how states should use funding from the American Rescue Plan Act to increase compensation for the ECE workforce. 

Structural Racism Booklet: Research and Policy Analyses

The National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives has released a booklet of factsheets documenting evidence for structural racism across societal systems. Experts from a wide range of fields present data on the negative impacts of racist practices on the health and well-being of children and families and recommend public policies to weed it out.

Exploring the Role of Critical Health Literacy in Addressing the
Social Determinants of Health

The Roundtable on Health Literacy of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine held a virtual public workshop on the role of critical health literacy in addressing the social determinants of health, particularly among vulnerable populations. This new publication summarized the presentations and discussions from the workshop.

Transformative Community Capacity to Advance Equity 

The new Vital Village Networks of Opportunity for Child Wellbeing (NOW) Playbook is a resource guide designed to provide tools for local leaders community coalitions and networks, educators, practitioners and policymakers working to promote the wellbeing of children and families, advance equity, and align systems of care and education in early childhood. This playbook distills elements of their learning journeys and highlights recommendations, additions, and extensions pioneered by the NOW peer communities based on their use of these resources in action.

New Data Recommendations from the Urban Institute

Disaggregating date by race and ethnicity can fuel efforts to identify and address racial disparities. When such data is unavailable, imputation methods can be applied to fill in critical gaps on race and ethnicity. To address this and other related concerns, Urban Institute’s Racial Equity Analytics Lab has developed a set of recommendations and standards for practitioners to consider in order to ensure an effective, ethical and empathetic to addressing critical gaps in race and ethnicity data.

Accelerating Child Health Care Transformation:
Key Opportunities for Improving Pediatric Care

Through insights from health care leaders across the nation, the Center for Health Care Strategies has released a new report sharing key strategies that are integral to child health care transformation: (1) adopt anti-racist practices and policies to advance health equity; (2) co-create equitable partnerships between families and providers; and (3) identify family strengths and address social needs to promote resilience.

Enhancing and Practicing Executive Function Skills with
Children from Infancy to Adolescence

Executive function and self-regulation skills are like an air traffic control system in the brain – they help us manage information, make decisions, and plan ahead. We need these skills at every stage of life, and while no one is born with them, we are all born with the protentional to develop them. But, how do we do that? The Center on the Developing Child created the Guide to Executive Function to walk you through everything you need to know about these skills and how to develop and practice them throughout life.