Free Video Training for Labor & Delivery and Postpartum care of women with substance use disorders and their newborns

The educational video, Compassion & Care: Supporting Women with Substance Use Disorders and their Newborns, funded by the Washington State Health Care Authority, is now available for free on the ParentChild Relationship Program at the Barnard Center YouTube site, as well as on Vimeo and the Parent-Child Relationship Programs website. Wider dissemination of this video across the state is ongoing. This collaborative project with Dr. Monica Oxford, Dr. Ira Kantrowitz-Gordon, and Dr. Riza led to an outstanding educational video, available to all doctors and nurses in Washington state that encounter and care for women with substance use disorders, primarily during labor and delivery and their newborn babies. The video highlights the experience of one woman’s journey to recovery, her labor and delivery, and the care provided by her nurse. There is also information on the Eat, Sleep, Console method of caring for newborns with opioid withdrawal syndrome. Watch for free here.