Free Early Learning Math Training

Did you know you can “mathematize” the spaces where young children play and learn every day? We are very pleased to invite you to a Free Math Anywhere “Deep Dive” training series via Zoom this Fall!

About Math Anywhere!: Established in 2017, Math Anywhere! is a community-based project in Washington which aims to build positive math experiences. We think:

  • math can be playful
  • interesting math-y ideas to explore exist all around us, wherever we go
  • anytime is a good time to chat about math
  • everyone has important math thinking to share

Math Anywhere has been working to create place-based media and visiting with children and their grown-ups in different community spaces to share our ideas. This training series will broaden how you think about math and inspire you to play with math in the places you visit every day. 

Training Series Dates:  Register for some or all

August 27: Uncovering the Math in Child Interests

October 15: Inviting Math Into Interest Areas

Nov 19: Observing and Responding to Children at Play

**All sessions will be held from 9-11am**

Intended Audience: Parents, Early Learning Professionals (Teachers, Librarians, Home Visitors, Child Care Providers, etc), , and anyone who is interested in having fun with children! This series will take previous Math Anywhere training participants to the next level of learning, while still being engaging and open to those who are new to Math Anywhere.

Instructor: Molly Daley, Math Coordinator at ESD 112 

Sponsored By: Snohomish County Early Learning Coalition

Funded By: Washington STEM

To register, contact Kendall Appell at