Free Early Learning Math Training

Did you know you can “mathematize” the spaces where young children play and learn every day? We are very pleased to invite you to a Free Math Anywhere “Deep Dive” training series via Zoom this Fall!

About Math Anywhere!: Established in 2017, Math Anywhere! is a community-based project in Washington which aims to build positive math experiences. We think:

  • math can be playful
  • interesting math-y ideas to explore exist all around us, wherever we go
  • anytime is a good time to chat about math
  • everyone has important math thinking to share

Math Anywhere has been working to create place-based media and visiting with children and their grown-ups in different community spaces to share our ideas. This training series will broaden how you think about math and inspire you to play with math in the places you visit every day. 

Training Series Dates:  Register for some or all

August 27: Uncovering the Math in Child Interests

October 15: Inviting Math Into Interest Areas

Nov 19: Observing and Responding to Children at Play

**All sessions will be held from 9-11am**

Intended Audience: Parents, Early Learning Professionals (Teachers, Librarians, Home Visitors, Child Care Providers, etc), , and anyone who is interested in having fun with children! This series will take previous Math Anywhere training participants to the next level of learning, while still being engaging and open to those who are new to Math Anywhere.

Instructor: Molly Daley, Math Coordinator at ESD 112 

Sponsored By: Snohomish County Early Learning Coalition

Funded By: Washington STEM

To register, contact Kendall Appell at

Help Me Grow News

Early Bird Prices End Tomorrow for the Help Me Grow National Forum  
Full-day conference and single-day registration is available for the 2021 HMG National Virtual Forum, featuring dynamic presentations, practical resources, networking, and national speakers. 

  Early Bird Registration closes on July 30, 2021
Registration closes fully on September 10, 2021  

Help Me Grow Affiliates Presenting at the Forum
 Each year, the HMG National Affiliate Network brings powerful, practical content to the HMG National Forum.

Check out some of the content sessions, networking opportunities, and posters that will be featured this year from HMG systems across the country.  
View the full agenda and register    

New Framework for Community Collaboration to Support Young Children 
Help Me Grow, Family Connects, HealthySteps, and Nurse-Family Partnership partnered through the Model Convening Project to develop a silo-busting, trust-building framework for your community collaboration across early childhood services, supports, and systems that achieves positive, equitable outcomes for all young children and their families. 

The Hand In Hand framework was developed from examples of effective model collaboration at the community-level, in partnership with communities across the country. It is a practical and effective approach to collaboration that can be adapted to fit all communities, including yours.

Visit our Model Convening Project webpage for more.    

New Help Me Grow National Events Calendar
Keep up-to-date on webinars, events, and technical assistance opportunities offered by the HMG National Center by bookmarking our new HMG National Events Calendar.         

Early Investment in Children & Families:
A Case for Help Me Grow Based in Science

In support of the Children’s Hospital Association’s 2021 Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Week, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center hosted a conversation on the imperative to invest early in children’s optimal health, development, and well-being.  Dr. Melanie Berry from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University discusses the Center’s new action guide for policymakers, which lays out a scientific analysis of why investments in young children and families can have lifelong health and learning implications. Kimberly Martini-Carvell, Executive Director of the HMG National Center, describes how the HMG Model both responds to the science of early childhood and brain development, and serves to support families with young children in ways that promote best possible outcomes.  Watch the webinar    

Dr. Paul Dworkin Featured in National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance Webinar Series
 Focusing on developmental promotion, early detection, referral, and linkage to services, this webinar from the ECQA Center highlighted several ways in which early childhood systems can be leveraged to increase screenings in your state, territory, or Tribe. Dr. Paul Dworkin, Julia Abercrombie, Dr. Sherri Alderman, and Dr. Marian Earls shared about early childhood system work in different states.
  Watch the webinar    

Innovation Spotlight:
ParentTV & Help Me Grow Washington D.C.

 A recent Innovation Spotlight session from the HMG National Center featured ParentTV, an on-demand, personalized tool for parents and providers who support parents to help raise resilient, capable and confident kids from credible, researched-based experts. Leaders from HMG Washington D.C. shared their experience in utilizing ParentTV as part of their early childhood system building efforts.
Access the recording and session materials    

Help Me Grow Affiliate Connections Directory Survey
The HMG National Center is developing an Affiliate Connections Directory to help individuals in similar roles across the HMG National Affiliate Network connect with each other to learn and share.

The Affiliate Connections Directory will include contact information for individuals leading key  roles and responsibilities around the HMG Core Components as well as additional priority areas essential to strong HMG implementation.

HMG leads and staff can utilize the Affiliate Connections Directory for affiliate to affiliate connection. This Directory can be used as a starting point to identify and secure contact information for individuals in like-roles from different HMG systems to share ideas, successes, challenges, to engage in meaningful connection with other champions in early childhood system development

Please complete the survey by Monday, August 30, 2021.

Please note that the HMG Affiliate Connections Directory will not be made public, and will only be accessible to those who have a login to the affiliate side of the HMG National Center website.

A link to complete the Affiliate Connections Directory survey will be emailed to state and system leads on August 9, 2021.    


Help Me Grow Alameda ACEs Postcard As the state of California created an incentive payment for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) screening through Medi-Cal and launched the ACEs Aware initiative to encourage and train medical providers to screen adults and children for ACEs, HMG Alameda County began outreach efforts to promote the HMG Centralized Access Point as a support to address issues identified through ACEs screening.

Pediatricians who were already screening for ACEs requested a document that could demonstrate how HMG can help support a family after screening with support and referrals related to resilience building and protective factors. The postcard was designed using ideas from other ACEs Aware graphics, with feedback and suggestions from the HMG Alameda County Family Advisory Committee and support from Frameworks to align messaging. It was translated into Chinese (Spanish version forthcoming) and designed to be shared with families post-ACEs screening to illustrate the importance of the ACEs screening, the effects of ACEs on children, and how HMG can help support a family experiencing ACEs.
Download the ACEs postcard

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August is World Breastfeeding Month

Worldwide Breastfeeding Month – August 2021
By Emily Mann, AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer for Nutrition First

Every year, World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is celebrated during the first week of August. This year, it falls from August 1st – 7th. The 2021 theme of World Breastfeeding Week is “A Shared Responsibility.” This year’s campaign will feature an emphasis on how breastfeeding contributes to the survival, health, and wellbeing of all.

Objectives of WBW 2021:
·  Inform people about the importance of breastfeeding
·  Anchor breastfeeding as a vital public health responsibility
·  Engage with individuals and organizations for greater impact
·  Galvanize action on protecting breastfeeding to improve public health

The second week of August (8th – 14th) is recognized as Native Breastfeeding Week. The community hopes to address “the inequity and injustice of Indigenous parents and their abilities to practice their roles in accordance to the tribal communities they descend from.” More information can be found on the Facebook page at

The third week of August is designated as Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Breastfeeding Week, and it will be celebrated from August 15th – 24th. The AANHPI 2021 theme is Reclaiming Our Tradition. This will be the very first national AANHPI Breastfeeding Week. Last year, a group of mothers of Asian descent proclaimed the third week of August API Breastfeeding Week, and BreastfeedLA and the API Breastfeeding Task Force worked together to get approval from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and secure official proclamations of this designation. Yay!

Black Breastfeeding Week will be celebrated from August 25th – 31st 2021. This will be the eighth year of Black Breastfeeding Week, and this year’s theme is The Big Pause: Collective Rest for Collective Power . Events will be held all week long and can be found at

Here are a few events being planned around Washington State for World Breastfeeding Month:

·  During World Breastfeeding Week (August 1st – 7th), Seamar-Clark County is handing out incentives to WIC participants through a drive-by. WIC participants who are nursing will receive a bag of useful items such as nursing scarves, bibs, magnet frames, water bottles, etc., along with a special card honoring them for providing milk to their babies. Seamar-Clark County will also be sending out cards to all Sea Mar providers who serve parents, infants, and children.

·  For Black BF week (August 25th – 31st), Mahogany Moms is doing Soul-Food Sunday virtual recipe demos that help with lactation. They will also host a BF Conference on the 26th of August. At the end of the month, there will be a BBQ and Bones event to honor Black fathers. There will also be games!

·  Farm Workers in Yakima will be doing the Big Latch. Moms will come to the park and latch on at 10:30 am together. Community support members will show up and bring a basket of gifts. There will be tables providing valuable breastfeeding information.  This year, the Big Latch will have more virtual elements to it, but there will still be gifts in-person at the clinic.

During August, Nutrition First will be posting frequently to our Instagram and Facebook page. Stop by our Instagram page at, and our Facebook page at for updates. 

Further resources for Worldwide Breastfeeding Month:

The Surgeon General’s Breastfeeding Reports and Publications:

The CDC Guide to Strategies to Support Breastfeeding Mothers and Babies:

Black Breastfeeding Week Website:

US Breastfeeding Committee Website:

AANHPI: Interview with an individual from the San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition and Asian Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Task Force:

Breastfeeding Communities Website:

NWA Virtual Breastfeeding Conferences:

Native Breastfeeding Week Facebook Page:

Watch “Breastfeeding is…A King County WIC Celebration for World Breastfeeding Month”

Upcoming Continuing Education Events

August 26th, 2021: Join Mahogany Moms Community Coalition 2021 for Shifting the Conversation: Black Voices Matter- Honoring the Stories & Lived Experiences of Black Birth Workers & Community. This is a daylong virtual event. For more information or to register, click here.

September 21st, 2021: Join Nutrition First for Advances in Lactation Support Conference featuring speakers Leanne Brock a and Dr. Mary Anne O’Hara. Register now for this live event – recording will also be available for viewing. Please note that you must register in advance of the event to access the recording. More information here.

Perinatal Mental Health Resource


Free app: If you own an iPhone, you can download the “Small Moments, Big Impact” app by searching the name in the App Store or by clicking here!

Having a baby comes with many questions and emotions. This website shares the content of a free app that was created by health care providers, public media producers, and mothers. It is designed to be used during your baby’s first six months, but it’s not for information about common health questions. Instead, it focuses on your relationship with your baby and feelings of love, stress, fatigue, frustration, and hope — all of which are part of being a parent. We encourage you to share these feelings with people who are important to you. This will enrich you and your baby’s special love circle.

As you use the app each week, you’ll find ways to connect with your baby and yourself. You will hear stories from other mothers, see them interacting with their babies, do some self-reflection, express your thoughts and feelings, and make movies with your baby to have memories forever. Through this journey, you’ll see that even small moments with your baby can have a big impact.

The Small Moments, Big Impact initiative is led by Barry Zuckerman, M.D. and Jillian Orr Daglilar, Ed.M.

Safe Kids Academy

Safe Kids Washington has partnered with the Traumatic Brain Injury Council and the University of Oregon to bring a series of virtual safety education learning events for kids of all ages. These virtual events are engaging and fast moving with safety information, activities and entertainment, and prizes! We have sessions for all ages and parts for the parents in each session as well and it is free. 

You can register for each individual session by clicking on the age and session date you want to sign up for in the attached flyer or use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code to be taken to the general registration page where you will find the Safe Kids Virtual Academy sessions as well as other free virtual conferences for TBI. You can also follow this link to the registration page: 

Flyer: Safe Kids Virtual Academy Series Flyer_5.6.2021.pdf

Look, Listen and Learn: Bridging the achievement gap in Washington

Look, Listen and Learn (LL+L) produces children’s television to bridge the achievement gap in Washington so that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) kids enter school ready to learn and able to succeed. Featuring local children and teachers at learning venues across King County, LL+L applies brain development knowledge to foster learning and enhance caregiver relationships. Learn more HERE

Cuddle Bright Session

Welcome Baby is hosting a CuddleBright session on August 12 from 6-7pm. The session will be on zoom. There are a couple options for parets to receive their kit after they attend the session:

  1. We can deliver the kits to you and you can distribute to your families that attend – we are doing this with the YMCA. When families register during the session we can have a question regarding which agency referred them.
  2. Families can pick up their kits during Diaper Bank open hours – Monday or Thursday 10-12pm (parents will not be able to request diapers – they will need to work through a partner agency).
  3. Welcome Baby volunteer will deliver to Skagit County addresses.

Medicaid and Me: Supporting Trauma-Informed and Healing-Centered Care for Medicaid Eligible Families

The purpose of this meeting is to begin a conversation about multi-system collaboration to support families that are Medicaid and Medicaid eligible. Participants will brainstorm how to provide trauma-informed and healing-centered mental and behavioral health services to parents and children with support from Medicaid. This meeting will include community providers who are Strengthen Families Locally partners, DCYF and Health Care Authority staff, and Managed Care Organization representatives. To support those with lived experiences in these systems, $50 gift cards are available to attendees who are not employed by Medicaid and Family Support system partners. More about Strengthen Families Locally:

Supporting Trauma-Informed and Healing-Centered Care for Medicaid Eligible Families 
July 15, 2-3:30 p.m.
Register in advance