ACEs and Resilience Community of Practice Webinar

Are you currently staying home? Keep informed. Watch two great ACEs and Resilience Community of Practice webinar recordings: Trauma-informed Workplaces & The Science of Hope.

Trauma-Informed Workplaces: Practice Applications in Equity, Empathy, and Employee Development

Presenters: Delena Meyer, Owner and Strategist, Way Enough Decision Coaching, and Toby Lucich, Managing Partner and Founder, Kinetic Health, have found emerging practices that can change the way people show up at work. They call it “Human at Work.” In this webinar, Meyer and Lucich help participants understand what trauma-informed approaches might begin to look like when applied to workplace policy, management, and employee experience.

The Science of Hope: Hope Predicts Adaptive Outcomes, Hope Buffers the Effects of Adversity, and Hope Can be Influenced and Sustained

Presenter: Kody Russell, Executive Director of Kitsap Strong, introduces the science of hope and shows how it buffers adversity and stress, leads to positive outcomes, and is a strength that can be nurtured with targeted intervention. This workshop presents the science of Hope as a psychological strength in our ability to cope with traumatic experiences and flourish toward future goals. Russell presents “hands-on” tools to assess and nurture hope across the lifespan. He asks participants to examine how they are a pathway for clients to achieve goals and how they can help clients see them as pathways and not barriers.